The Strategy of Ad Retargeting – Remember Me?

With more and more advertisers getting involved in the digital advertising space, things can get saturated and it can be difficult for your ad to stick out. Reaching your target audience now takes more than an eye-catching ad, it involves a strategic approach that maximizes every opportunity to engage your potential customers. One of the strategies digital marketers use is called “Ad Retargeting”, sometimes called “Campaign Retargeting”. In this blog, we will explore the concept of ad retargeting and why you, as an advertiser, should be leveraging it.

What is “Ad Retargeting”?

Ad retargeting is an advertising strategy that shows ads to people who have already seen another one of your ads. This works for display, video, and audio ads. A common example of this is an advertiser who is running Streaming TV ads but wants people to visit their company’s website. Most viewers cannot “click” on their TV screen, so commercials will often say “Visit to learn more.” Sometimes this strategy works, but can get a heavy lift for the viewer. Let’s face it, most viewers would like to take the easier route and be able to just “click” on the ad to learn more rather than opening up a browser and typing in the website. So how do we solve this problem? We can serve clickable display ads to the same viewer who saw the Streaming TV ad by utilizing the strategy of ad retargeting.

What are the benefits of “Ad Retargeting”?

The main benefit of ad retargeting is getting your brand back in front of people who have already been exposed to it. Having an ad campaign feeding off another (“original”) ad campaign maximizes your advertising dollars and maximizes exposure to your target audience. This in return enhances brand recall, improves ROI (Return On Investment), and opens the door to more personalized advertising. The cool thing about this strategy is that the viewer of the ad doesn’t have to interact with your brand at all. They do not need to click on the ad, they do not need to convert, or even visit your website; they just need to be served an ad from your original campaign.

Get Started!

Leveraging the strategy of ad retargeting can help you reach users who have already been exposed to your brand, but have not converted. Doing so can open the door to more personalized advertising, increase brand recall, and improve ROI. If you are interested in re-engaging your targeted audience across different campaigns, reach out to us and we will be happy to help your business grow.


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